A popular flight to nowhere

11 months ago (on Sep 25, 2020)

On October 10, there will be a special flight by Qantas. It is a sightseeing flight to nowhere.

Because of coronavirus, people can't travel much. Some people miss flying. With this special flight, they can enjoy flying again.

The flight will leave Sydney and return after seven hours. It will fly over Queensland, the Gold Coast and New South Wales. From the airplane, passengers can see some famous attractions like Sydney Harbour and the Great Barrier Reef.

The flight is so popular. People buy all the tickets in 10 minutes.


  • The activity of visiting interesting places

  • Not anywhere

  • Something interesting that makes people want to come to a place to see Example: Eiffel Tower is a popular attraction in Paris.

  • If something is popular, it is liked by many people


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