Rent a dream office in Maldives for 23,250 dollars

1 year ago (on Sep 12, 2020)

For people who feel bored with their home offices, a resort in Maldives is offering an unforgettable remote working experience.

At the Nautilus Maldives, you can have your office on a private island. Your working desk has a breathtaking ocean view. Unlimited food and drink are provided. At sunset, you can relax on a yacht while watching dolphins.

All of those are part of the "Workstation Package". It costs 23,250 dollars for a seven-night stay. Want to stay longer? You'll just have to pay 37,850 dollars for two weeks, or 52,000 dollars for three weeks.


  • If something is unforgettable, it's so good that you can never forget about it. Example: Seeing fireworks for the first time was an unforgettable experience for Kim.

  • Only for one person or group and not for everyone

  • Very beautiful

  • Without any limits

  • A luxury boat for pleasure


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