Terminator star feels 'fantastic' after heart surgery

10 months ago (on Oct 25, 2020)

Arnold Schwarzenegger said he feels "fantastic" after his heart surgery.

In a Twitter post, he thanked doctors from the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. His surgery is a success. He now feels well enough to start walking outside and touring the city.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is famous for his movie Terminator. He is an inspiring person. He said life is about overcoming obstacles.


  • very good

  • the activity in which a doctor cuts someone's body to repair or remove something

  • a piece of writing that is published online, for example on Facebook or Twitter

  • to travel around a place

  • to make someone feel that they can achieve their goals

  • to succeed in dealing with a problem

  • something that makes it difficult for you to get what you want


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