Chelsea draws with Manchester United 2-2

2 years ago (on Oct 22, 2018)

On Saturday, Chelsea played against Manchester United at its stadium.

After 21 minutes, Antonio RĂ¼diger scored a goal from a corner kick for Chelsea. It was a powerful header.

In the second half, on 55 minutes, Anthony Martial scored a goal to make it 1-1 for Manchester United. It was a beautiful volley. On 73 minutes, he scored one more to make it 2-1.

After 90 minutes, the referee gave the match 6 extra minutes. On 96 minutes, just before the match ended, Ross Barkley scored a goal to make it 2-2 for Chelsea.

It was a very exciting match. It was a draw. After this match, Chelsea is still unbeaten this season.


  • Noun

    A large piece of land with rows of seats around the sides. It is used for sports events.


    A lot of people go to the stadium to watch this soccer match.


  • Noun

    corner kick

  • Adjective

    Having a lot of strength or force.

  • Adjective

    Added to what is normal.

  • Noun

    If a soccer match ends with a draw, it means both team has the same number of goals.

  • Adjective

    Not losing any games.

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