Chelsea win Europa League

2 years ago (on May 30, 2019)

On Wednesday, Chelsea play against Arsenal in Europa League final.

In the first half, Arsenal are the better team. They have some good chances but cannot score.

In the second half, on 49 minutes, Giroud scores a goal for Chelsea. With this goal, Giroud is the top scorer in Europa League. Chelsea have another 2 goals from Pedro and Eden Hazard before Iwobi scores for Arsenal.

On 72 minutes, Eden Hazard scores again for Chelsea. This is Hazard's last match for Chelsea.

In the end, Chelsea win 4-1.


  • Noun

    The last game in a competition to decide the overall winner.

  • Noun

    A soccer match has two halves. Each half is 45 minutes.

  • Noun

    A player who scores a goal.

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