England won against Spain 3-2 in Nations League

2 years ago (on Oct 16, 2018)

England played against Spain in the UEFA Nation League on Sunday.

Just after 40 minutes, England already had 3 goals. Rahem Sterling scored 2 of them, and Marcus Rashford scored the other one. It was a wonderful start for England.

In the second half, Spain attacked really hard. On 57 minutes, Paco Alcacer scored a goal from a header to make it 3-1.

On 63 minutes, England's goalkeeper, Jordan Pickford made a silly mistake. He ran with the ball then lost it to Rodrigo. Luckily, he managed to kick the ball out before the Spain player could score.

Spain continued attacking. Right before the end of the match, Spain scored one more goal.

The final result was 3-2. England won against Spain for the first time in 31 years.


  • Adjective

    Extremely good.

  • Verb

    To try to defeat your opponent.

  • Noun

    In soccer, when a player scores a goal from a header, it means he scores it with his head.


  • Adjective

    Showing little thought or judgment.

  • Phrase

    If you manage to do something difficult, it means you succeed in doing it.


    Because Julian studies very hard, he manages to pass the university entrance exam.

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