France won against Germany 2-1 in Nations League

2 years ago (on Oct 17, 2018)

On Tuesday, France played against Germany in the UEFA Nations League.

After 14 minutes, Toni Kroos scored a goal for Germany. He scored from a penalty. It was a good start for Germany.

In the second half, on 62 minutes, Antoine Griezmann scored from a header to equalize the score. 10 minutes before the match ended, the referee gave France a penalty. Griezmann scored again and helped France win 2-1.

It was a great win for France. Meanwhile, it was the sixth defeat in 10 games for Germany. After this game, France is at the top of the table, and Germany is at the bottom of the table.


  • Verb

    To make things equal.

  • Noun

    The number of goals scored by each team in a soccer match.

  • Noun

    A person who is in charge of a sports game.

  • Noun


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