Luka Modric wins player of the year award

2 years ago (on Sep 25, 2018)

Luka Modric is a great soccer player. He wins the player of the year award. It is a big award.

Luka Modric is 33 years old. He is from Croatia. Croatia is a country in Europe.

He plays for Real Madrid. Real Madrid is a soccer club from Spain. In 2018, he wins the Champions League with Real Madrid.

At the World Cup, he is the captain of the Croatia national team. Croatia wins a lot of matches. It wins second place at the World Cup.

It is a successful year for Luka Modric.


  • An award that is given to the best player of the year.

  • A prize or an amount of money that is given to a person for doing something great.


    Jenny studies very hard. She wants to win the best student award.

  • The leader of a sports team.

  • The team that represents a nation.

  • If a team wins second place, it means it loses to the team that wins first place, but it is above the team that wins third place.

  • If a person has a successful year, it means he wins or achieves a lot of things during the year.

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