Manchester City won 3-1 against Manchester United

2 years ago (on Nov 12, 2018)

On Sunday, Manchester City played against Manchester United in the Premier League. The match was at Manchester City's stadium.

As usual, Manchester City attacked really well. Within 12 minutes, they scored a goal. After that, Manchester City had more chances. However they did not score any other goal. The first half ended 1-0 to Manchester City.

Right after the second half started, Manchester City again had another goal on 48 minutes.

Manchester United started attacking more. Finally on 55 minutes, they had a penalty. Anthony Martial scored from the penalty to make it 2-1.

Manchester United tried to score again. However, on 86 minutes, Ikay Gundogan scored one more goal for Manchester City. It was game over for Manchester United.

Manchester City won 3-1. They are now at the top of the Premier League. Meanwhile, Manchester United is at number 8 on the table.


  • Adverb

    In a way that often happens


    As usual, today Sam has eggs for breakfast. He has eggs for breakfast every day.

  • Phrase

    Happens immediately after something.


    Ben loves watching TV. He always watches TV right after he reaches home from school.

  • Noun

    In soccer, a penalty is a situation when a player from one team faces the goal keeper of another team in a one-on-one. The ball is placed within 16 meters of the goal. The player has a high chance to score.

  • Adverb

    Despite whatever amount or degree.


    It's 11 o'clock at night and Terry is sleepy. However, he wants to continue watching TV.

  • Noun

    A large closed area of land with rows of seats, used for sports events like a soccer match.


  • Adverb

    While something else is happening.


    Danny goes to school. Meanwhile, his dad goes to work.

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