Manchester United coach angry with reporters

3 years ago (on Aug 28, 2018)

Manchester United plays against Tottenham Hotspur. They lose.

After the match, reporters talk to the coach of Manchester United, Jose They ask him what he thinks about the result. He is not happy. He is very angry. He shouts at the reporters.

This is the second time Manchester United loses a match. It is very bad for them.


  • When a team plays against another team, it means they are competing with each other.

  • When two teams play against each other, if one team wins, the other team loses.

  • A person who works for a newspaper or television. Her job is to tell people about news.

  • To speak with a very loud voice, normally when you are angry.

    Common phrase:

    To shout at someone or something.

  • A person who trains a sports team.

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