Manchester United has an unbelievable win

2 years ago (on Oct 9, 2018)

On Saturday, Manchester United plays against Newcastle United.

After 10 minutes, Newcastle United already scores two goals. It is a really bad start for Manchester United. At the half-time break, Manchester United loses 2-0.

Manchester United coach tries to talk to his players. He makes some changes to his team.

In the second half, Manchester United attacks more. The team plays better. After 30 minutes, Manchester United scores 2 goals. When the match is going to end, Manchester United scores one more goal. It is a really late goal.

Manchester United wins the match 3-2. It is an unbelievable win.


  • Phrase

    Compete with.

  • Adverb

    Earlier than the time expected.


    Karren goes to school at 7 o'clock every day. Today she is early. She already goes to school at 6 o'clock.

  • Phrase

    In soccer, when a team scores a goal, it means it puts the ball in the net of the other team.

  • Noun

    The beginning.

  • Phrase

    In soccer, between two halves of a game, there is a 15 minutes break. It is called the half-time break.

  • Phrase

    When someone makes some changes to something, it means he changes the way how thing currently is.


    Louis wants to lose weight. He makes some changes to his diet. He eats more fruits.

  • Verb

    To try to hurt or defeat.

  • Adjective

    Of a higher standard or effective than other things or people.


    Ben can swim for 30 minutes. Darren can swim for 1 hour. Darren swims better than Ben.

  • Adjective

    If something is unbelievable, it is very very surprising and hard to believe.

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