Real Madrid fire their coach

2 years ago (on Oct 31, 2018)

On Monday, Real Madrid fire their coach Julen Lopetegui. Lopetegui only works for Real Madrid for 2 months.

This is the second time Lopetegui loses his job this year. Before he becomes Real Madrid's coach, Lopetegui is the coach of Spain National Team. 2 days before the World Cup, Spain National Team fire him.

Real Madrid do not play well this season. In their last match, they lose 5-1 to Barcelona. It is a disappointing result for them.

Real Madrid are currently ninth on the table in La Liga.


  • Verb

    To remove someone from their job because they do not do well.


    Every day, Tom comes to work very late. He is also very lazy at work. Today, his boss fires him.

  • Phrase

    When someone loses his job, it means he cannot go to work anymore because someone fires him.


    Danny loses his job because he is lazy at work.

  • Verb

    To start to be.


    Anna practices singing everyday. She wants to become a singer.

  • Adjective

    If something is disappointing, it is not as good as you hope.


    Jim hopes he gets 10 marks for his exam, but he only gets 7. It is a disappointing result for him.

  • Noun

    Something that happens or exists because of something else.


    Because Nelly studies hard, her exam result is really good.

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