A robot with a human face

2 years ago (on Nov 7, 2018)

A company in Sweden creates a robot. They call the robot Furhat.

Furhat has a human face. It can look at you. It can speak to you. It can listen to you. It can show you that it is sad or happy.

You can change Furhat's face. You can also change its voice.

In the future, companies can use Furhat to serve their customers. They can use it to train their employees. They can also use it to teach a language.

You can see a video of Furhat robot here.


  • Verb

    To make something new.

  • Adjective

    Of or typical of people.


    60 percent of the human body is water.

  • Verb

    To work for. To be useful to somebody.

  • Noun

    A person who buys goods or a service.


    Jenny is a regular customer of the bakery shop. She goes there every day to buy her favourite bread.

  • Verb

    To prepare someone for a job.

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