Apple has a new iPad Pro

2 years ago (on Nov 3, 2018)

The new iPad Pro is very thin. It is very light. It only weighs 0.46 kilogram.

It has a new screen. People call the new screen the Liquid Retina display. It is a very beautiful screen.

The new iPad Pro also has a new stylus. People call it the new Apple Pencil. You can stick the new Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro. The Apple Pencil can charge wirelessly.

There are two versions of the new iPad Pro. The small version is 800 US dollars. The large version price is 1000 US dollars.


  • Verb

    If something weighs 1 kilogram, it means it has a weight of 1 kilogram.

  • Noun

    A flat surface on a computer or machine that displays pictures or words.

  • Noun

    A pen that you can use to write on the screen of a tablet or a computer.


  • Verb

    To put something on something else and cause it to be fixed.

  • Verb

    To make the battery of a device become full again.

  • Adverb

    If something charges wirelessly, it means you do not need to use wire to charge it.

  • Noun

    A particular form of something that is slightly different from other forms of the same thing.

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