Apple has a new Mac Book Air

2 years ago (on Nov 1, 2018)

On Tuesday, Apple announces the company's new products. One of them is the new Mac Book Air.

The new Mac Book Air is very thin. It is very light. It only weighs 1.24 kilograms.

It also has a new screen. People call the screen Retina screen. The Retina screen is very sharp.

You can unlock the new Mac Book Air with your finger. Its battery can last for 12 hours.

You can buy the new Mac Book Air in silver, gray, or gold colour. The starting price is at 1200 US dollars.


  • Verb

    To tell people about something officially.

  • Verb

    If something weighs 1 kilogram, it means it has a weight of 1 kilogram.

  • Noun

    A flat surface on a computer or machine that displays pictures or words.

  • Adjective

    If a screen is sharp, it means the screen is very clear, very bright. It can display a lot of colours and it is very easy to see on the screen.

  • Verb

    To open something. To make a phone or a machine usable again.

  • Verb

    To continue being good and usable.


    If you put your food in the fridge, they can last longer.

  • Phrase

    The cheapest price of something.

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