First tourist to the moon

2 years ago (on Sep 24, 2018)

SpaceX is a spaceship company. In 2023, it plans to bring human tourists around the moon.

The company tells us the name of the first tourist. His name is Yusaku Maezawa. He is a billionaire. He is the owner of a big fashion company in Japan. He says that he loves the moon. He wants to see it up close.

During the trip, Maezawa wants to bring some artists with him. They will travel on a big spaceship. Its name is Big Falcon Rocket. The spaceship has enough space for 100 people. It is a 5-day trip.

The first person who walks on the moon is Neil Armstrong. He is an American astronaut.


  • A vehicle used for space traveling.


  • Someone who travels.


  • A person who has at least 1,000,000,000 dollars.

  • Someone who owns something.

  • When you see something up close, you are looking at it from a very close distance.

  • Someone who works in art, such as painting or drawing.


    Leonardo da Vinci is a great artist. His most famous painting is Mona Lisa.

  • If something has enough space for 100 people, it means 100 people can stay in it.

  • A person who travels and works in space.


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