Google is shutting down its social network Google+

2 years ago (on Oct 10, 2018)

Google+ is a social network. Google creates it in 2011 to compete with Facebook.

In March 2018, someone discovers there is a problem with the website. The website does not protect user's information correctly. Google fixes the problem after the company knows about it.

On Monday, Google says that it is shutting down Google+. The website is not very popular. Not many people use it. It is a disappointing product for Google.


  • Noun

    A website that allows people to share information like photos and videos with each other.


    Facebook is a famous social network.

  • Verb

    To try to be better or more successful than someone else.


    During dinner, Dennis and his brother always try to compete with each other. They both want to finish their meal first.

  • Verb

    To find some information about something, especially the first time.


    After Ben discovers that he can become more healthy by playing sports, he goes swimming every day.

  • Verb

    To keep someone or something safe.

  • Phrase

    To turn something off.

  • Adjective

    If something is popular, it means it liked by many people.


    Jingle Bell is a very popular Christmas song. Everyone around the world loves it.

  • Adjective

    Making you feel disappointed.


    Sam has a disappointing exam result. He only gets 4 points out of 10.

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