Special furniture for small houses

2 years ago (on Jun 6, 2019)

IKEA is a famous furniture company. It is working with another company to create a special type of furniture for small houses.

IKEA shows a video of it. The furniture looks like a wardrobe. However, it also has a couch and a bed! You can press a button and open the bed. It also has wheels. You can move it around to make space. It really is great for small houses.

You can buy the furniture from next year.


  • Noun

    Objects such as chairs, tables, and beds that you put into a room or building.


    IKEA is a furniture shop. You can buy chairs and tables there.

  • Noun

    A large cupboard for keeping clothes in.

  • Noun

    A long, comfortable piece of furniture that two or more people can sit on.

  • Phrase

    Create an empty space by removing all the objects in it.

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