World's first AI news anchors

2 years ago (on Nov 9, 2018)

Xinhua is a news agency in China. It has two new news anchors. They are very special.

The new news anchors are not human. They are digital versions of human news anchors. Xinhua uses computer to create them.

The digital news anchors look like human. They have artificial intelligence. One of them speaks Chinese, and the other one speaks English.

Because they are not human, they do not need to rest. They can read news to you all the time.

You can see a video of one of them here.


  • Noun

    An organization that produce news for newspapers, magazines, and television.

  • Noun

    A person who reports news.

  • Noun

    A technology that makes machine think or behave like human.

  • Noun

    A digital version of a person is an image or a video that looks like the person. It is created by computer.

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