Boy discovers rare dinosaur skeleton

11 months ago (on Oct 18, 2020)

Nathan Hrushkin, a 12-year-old boy, found a dinosaur skeleton from 69 million years ago. He saw the bones while he was hiking with his father in Alberta, Canada.

Nathan and his father sent photos of the bones to the Royal Tyrrell Museum. The museum sent a team of experts to excavate the bones. They confirmed that the bones came from a young dinosaur. This is a significant discovery.

Nathan has been interested in dinosaurs since he was six. He says he and his dad will keep searching for fossils.


  • to dig in the ground, especially with a machine, or to look for objects from the past

  • important or noticeable

  • an occasion when someone discovers something

  • part of an animal or plant from thousands of years ago, preserved in rock

  • to go for a long walk in the countryside


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