Coronavirus: covid-19 virus can survive for a long time on mobile phones and banknotes

11 months ago (on Oct 13, 2020)

According to a new research, covid-19 virus can survive on surfaces like mobile phones and banknotes for up to 28 days.

The research is by Australia's national science agency CSIRO. Researchers also find that the virus can survive longer on smooth surfaces like glasses. It also survives longer at lower temperature.

Because the virus can be alive for a long time, it's important to clean the surfaces that you often touch and wash your hands regularly.


  • A study of something in order to get some new information

  • to continue to live

  • the top of something. Example: The table has a glass surface.

  • paper money

  • having a surface that has no holes or lumps in it. Example: She has really smooth skin.

  • an organization that specializes in studying science


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