Coronavirus: vaccine to be 95% effective

10 months ago (on Nov 18, 2020)

On Monday, the company Moderna announced it had a Coronavirus vaccine. The vaccine is 95% effective and is good for both young and old people.

The vaccine can be stored in a refrigerator at 2C to 8C degree for 30 days. It can also be stored for 6 months at -20C degree.

A person needs to take 2 doses for it to be effective. Moderna hopes to produce 1 billion doses by the end of 2021. The vaccine will cost $35 to $37 per dose.

Last week, another company, Pfizer, also announced its own vaccine. Now the government needs to approve these vaccines before people can buy them.


  • to tell people about something officially

  • a substance that helps people not get sick

  • successful in giving what you want

  • to keep something

  • a quantity of a medicine to be taken at a particular time

  • to make something

  • to allow something


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