Joe Biden wins US election to become the next president

10 months ago (on Nov 9, 2020)

On Saturday, the result shows that Joe Biden wins Pennsylvania. Although people are still counting the votes, Joe Biden now has enough votes to win the election.

It is a close race. Currently, Joe Biden has 290 votes and Donald Trump has 214 votes. To become the president, a candidate must win more than 270 votes.

In his victory speech, Joe Biden promises to unite America. He doesn't want people to look at each other as enemies. He wants everyone to work together.

Joe Biden is the 46th president of the His first day of the job is on January 20, 2021.


  • the act of showing your choice or opinion in an election or meeting by writing a cross on an official piece of paper or putting your hand up.

  • a time when people vote in order to choose someone for a political or official job

  • one of the people taking part in an election or trying to get a job

  • a win in a fight or competition

  • to join together as a group, or to make people join together as a group


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