Man wins top prize for growing the heaviest pumpkin

11 months ago (on Oct 5, 2020)

Yesterday, Michael Asam won first place in a competition for the heaviest pumpkin in Germany. His pumpkin weighed a whopping 720 kilos, or 1588 pounds. That's almost the weight of a small car.

This year, there were 28 pumpkins in the competition. People use the Atlantic Giant seeds to grow these enormous pumpkins. Although the pumpkins are really big, they take the same time to grow as normal pumpkins, around 100 to 120 days.

For growing the heaviest pumpkin, Mchael Asam won 500 euros. You can see his pumpkin in the below Facebook post.


  • extremely large

  • an organized event in which people try to be the best at something

  • a small object produced by a plant that can be used to grow another plant

  • extremely big

  • despite the fact that


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