Man with tattoos lost his job as a kindergarten teacher

10 months ago (on Sep 28, 2020)

Sylvain Helaine has tattoos on his body, face and tongue. He even tattooed his eyeballs black.

He lost his job at a kindergarten after the parents of a three-year-old child complained about him. They said their son had nightmares after seeing him.

Despite losing his job, Helaine still wants to be a teacher. He said "I'm a primary school teacher... I love my job."

He hopes to show his students that they should accept people who are different. And some of his students agree. "You should not judge him because of his appearance," said nine-year-old Gayane.


  • A design on someone's skin that is put on using ink and a needle

  • A school for children under five

  • To say that something is wrong or that you are annoyed about something

  • A frightening dream

  • To have or develop an opinion about something or someone, usually after thinking carefully

  • The way a person or thing looks


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